Dark Lip Neutralization in London, ON

Dark Lip Neutralization


Lighten Your Lips with the Best Dark Lip Neutralization Tattoo in London, Ontario

Are dark lips blemishing your beauty? Look no further than Revive Beauty Solutions in London, Ontario. Our permanent makeup cosmetic services can lighten dark spots on your skin and lips and create an even-toned look for a fresh and bold look.

Lip neutralization is a cosmetic procedure used to illuminate dark lips for a lightened look. The process can be taken by women who have darker lips due to high melanin content or an underlying condition. This technique also results in a uniform color of your lips by removing unevenness.

At Revive Beauty Solutions, we’ve perfected the art of lip neutralization technique to achieve natural tints on your lips with minimal pain or discomfort during the process.

Our lip neutralization treatment helps to brighten your appearance and boost your confidence.

We are meticulous in our approach, using a needle to carefully patch the darker areas on your lips. Depending on your skin type and dark patches, our cosmetic experts will create the right formula with the lip shade of your choice before applying it.

Dark lip neutralization can be a lengthy process. You may require multiple sessions, at the very least, 2, before the results start showing up. Factors like skin thickness, melanin level, and your lifestyle play a part in determining how many sessions will be required to obtain even-toned results. The whole process may take anywhere between 2-6 weeks, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Lip neutralization is a cosmetic procedure and a permanent solution for dark and over-toned lips. This beauty treatment will boost your confidence with lighter, fuller and well-defined lips. Here are some more benefits of dark lip neutralization treatment:

  • Lightens the dark areas of your lips.
  • Gives a fuller, brighter, and even tone to the lips.
  • Permanent makeup solution with a long-lasting effect.
  • Reduces your daily makeup time.

Get Permanent Lip Neutralization Therapy at $550

Revive Beauty Solutions is amongst the best skincare and hair removal spas in London, Ontario, with high-quality services that our clients love. We're passionate about delivering beauty therapies to ladies so that they can take up any challenge in any walk of life confidently. We've also garnered years of experience, serving in Canada with our stellar beauty solutions.

We offer lip blushing and dark lip neutralization services to those with darker lips, either due to natural conditions or external factors. Our neutralization experts are virtuoso in brightening your lips with an elegant and aesthetic touch — Call 519-639-7075 to know more about how we can enhance your beauty and inner confidence.