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Hyperpigmentation refers to excessive brown and red spots along with an uneven skin tone. The word is derived from pigmentation, which means the damage caused by sun exposure or aging effects on your skin. Hyperpigmentation issues are normally occurring and are a common skin problem.

At Revive Beauty Solutions, we offer hyperpigmentation treatments for a complete skin do-over that evens out the tone and effectively removes all signs of pigmentations.

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What is Hyperpigmentation?

Also referred to as skin pigmentation, hyperpigmentation is essentially the unevenness of your skin tone. Naturally, our skin tone is even until affected by an external factor such as sun exposure or lifestyle conditions. Additionally, the human body also undergoes hormonal changes as we grow older.

All these factors could contribute to the development of pigmentations, making the skin darker in some spots and causing unevenness in tonality. Thus, skin pigmentation simply means the appearance of darker spots over lighter ones.

As mentioned above, hyperpigmentation can be caused by various natural and lifestyle factors, elaborated as follows:

Excessive Sunlight Exposure

The human skin produces melanin, a form of skin pigment that protects its outer layers from the harmful effects of sunlight. When you're exposed to extreme sunlight for long durations, it results in an overproduction of melanin. This extra melanin causes dark spots and tones on your skin which is exposed to the sunlight.

Medicinal Side-Effects

There are certain medicinal drugs that may cause pigmentations. This is because we humans react to different drugs in different ways, and some of them may cause a reaction in the body which could cause darker tones.

Skin Injury or Inflammation

Skin Inflammation is the swelling of your skin, which can be a result of an injury, acne, or other unwanted skin conditions. Inflammation is the natural response of the human body when subjected to external agents that cause harm.

Inflammation causes your skin to get darker in areas of the injury or acne compared to other parts. So, if left unattended, inflammation can also result in hyperpigmentation on your skin.

Being a top-rated spa in London, Ontario, Revive Beauty Solutions specializes in skin pigmentation treatments that even out the tone and remove all dark patches from your skin. There are various kinds of treatments available for hyperpigmentation, though we focus on non-invasive methods like:


Facial services at Revive Beauty Solutions offer a lot of benefits, including treatment for hyperpigmentation. We use completely safe facial agents and treatments that effectively treat all skin conditions while having no negative effects on your skin.


Chemical peels are another way to treat the darker tones on your skin. Peels are a non-invasive procedure to remove pigmentation marks on your skin, which is carried out under the expert supervision of our beauty aestheticians. Our chemical, as well as Green Peel services, ensure flawless and youthful skin at the end of the session.

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