Pixel Brows in London, ON

Pixel Brows


Get Timeless Pixel Brows In London, Ontario

Pixel brows technique is a makeup technique applied on the eyebrows for a sprinkled effect. It gives an elegant appearance with sharply defined details, giving a mesmerizing touch to every gaze. In this technique, the ink coverage is less, which makes the underlying skin visible through the brows, ultimately resulting in a powdery effect.

Unlike ombre brows, where the color is applied in dots by a tattoo pen, in pixel brows technique, the color is sprinkled onto the skin.

The pixel brows technique is much favored by women nowadays, not only due to the lustrous appearance it gives but also due to its skin-friendliness. It reduces darkness and flakes considerably while speeding up the healing time of the skin.

Revive Beauty Solutions is an expert beauty salon in London, Ontario, specializing in spa techniques like hair removal, body sculpting, facials, etc. Our clients also love pixel brows, the permanent makeup solution that can complement a wide array of occasions. Our pixel brows service varies as per the skin type of different clients and their requirements.

Simply visit our store on 281 Oxford Street East in London, Ontario, and get flawless pixel brow, along with a surfeit of other spa services.

Steps for the Perfect Pixel Brows

We follow a detailed procedure for pixel brows, which depends on our client's skin type and what their goals are. Generally speaking, our pixel brows makeup is done as per the following steps:

  • Step 1: First, we secure a petite outline for the brow.
  • Step 2: We then use the choice of pigments that the customer wants. It could be a stand-alone pigment or a mix of various ones.
  • Step 3: We start applying the pigment by a blade attached to a hand tool for a subtle, soft, and pixelated look.
  • Step 4: Your pixel brow transformation just happened. All there's left to do now are the after-care measures, which are as follows:
    1. Avoid Sweating
    2. Let the scabs shed naturally; don't peel them off.
    3. Avoid facial treatment or any kind of makeup on the brows for at least two weeks.
    4. Avoid long and hot showers.
    5. Use cotton pads to wipe your brows.