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Skincare Secrets You Should Know About

Top Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin

We've compiled the best skincare tips that every beauty expert would agree with. From natural techniques to the best practices in applying skincare products, these tips will help you to achieve flawless skin and maintain a beautiful look through the seasons.

  • 1. Moisturize Twice a Day with Honey

    Yup, you read that right. Honey is a wonderful product from nature that has numerous health benefits. But here's something you didn't know; honey is also extremely effective in moisturizing your skin and making it radiant. Honey can also soothe the skin after long hours of exposure to the sun or post-heavy makeup.

    You can also add honey with sugar and lemon juice and apply it to your lips for similar results. Honey is also very effective as a deep moisturizer when mixed with olive oil and applied before a shower.

    To enhance the moisturizing of your skin, it's best to apply honey after a shower and right before going to bed. Using honey twice a day will make your skin soft, smooth, and glossy without any feeling of irritation.

  • 2. Use the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type

    Cleansers are necessary to clean the deep pores within your skin from dirt and other pollution particles. But using the correct type of cleanser is vital here for maximizing results. Experts suggest using milky cleansers or moisturizing glycolic for the dry skin type, while for oily skin, a salicylic-based gel is suitable.

    You can also use acid cleansers or other types of brightening wash if you have skin with lots of brown spots

    Skincare Secrets You Should Know About
  • 3. Stop Using Multiple Products

    Using multiple skincare products at the same time is a big red flag if you want healthy skin. Many beauty products have harsh chemicals, and over-usage of these products may lead to irritation and harshness of skin with clogged pores.

  • 4. Stay Hydrated

    Ask any doctor, dermatologist, or skincare expert about the importance of staying hydrated. Beyond the immense benefits water has for our inner health, staying hydrated is also required to keep your skin glowing and soft. Experts suggest consumption of 8 glasses of water, or 2 liters every day.

    Water intake increases radiance in your skin, so it's advisable to go for beauty products that have water or hydrating solutions in them.

  • 5. Exfoliate Regularly

    Every day, we lose hundreds of skin cells, which hang on to our skin unless cleansed or exfoliated regularly. If you don't wash your skin from these dead cells, they may cause your skin to look sullen.

    When choosing an exfoliating agent, go for a product that's pH neutral. This is because products with a pH base can further cause dryness in your skin as you exfoliate. Choosing a pH-neutral product ensures that your skin remains moisturized during exfoliation. Remember to exfoliate your whole body and not just the face to achieve even skin texture.

  • 6. Eat a Balanced diet.

    Eating right isn't just key to a healthy lifestyle; it also helps to beautify your skin and keep it healthy and desirable. Include a lot of vitamins in your diet, as it greatly benefits your skin to repair from sun damage.

    You can also give your skin extra vitamins by using topical antioxidant creams and lotions that contain Vitamin C. These products are composed of ingredients that greatly affect your skin positively and nourish it from deep within.

  • 7. Include Vegetables in Your Diet

    Vegetables are sources of nutrients, dietary fibers, and vitamins. Needless to say, you should include a lot of veggies in your diet plan to stay ahead of your skincare routine. Consuming lots of vegetable hydrates and oxygenates your skin, resulting in a bright and flawless look. Vegetables can also help in draining puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

    Additionally, our skin is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in retaining the moisture in the skin. Consuming salads and veggies gives a boost to the Omega-3 acids and helps your skin to retain moisture better.

  • 8. Avoid Direct Exposure to the Sun

    Exposing your skin directly to heat sources like the sun or even a room heater can greatly cause damage to it. Long hours of sun exposure can cause irritation in the skin, de-moisturize it and cause visible signs of aging.

    It's equally important to protect yourself from the sun's UV rays, even when it's not sunny, or you aren't directly exposed to the sun. Experts suggest using sunscreen before venturing out during any kind of weather. Also, remember to choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and apply it on a daily basis before leaving your home.

    Other forms of sun protection like wearing glasses and hats are also advisable for complete protection from its harmful UV rays.

  • 9. Sleep Better

    We all know how important sleep is for staying healthy, active, and focused. But did you know sleep also has a direct impact on your skin?

    When you're asleep, the skin prevents sagging by creating collagens. Collagens prevent wrinkles and skin lines from appearing. Moreover, not enough sleep can also result in extreme dryness of your skin, which again impacts its texture. Therefore, it's necessary that you take adequate rest and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

  • 10. Stop Smoking

    Smoking has a direct relation with causing your skin to age and aggravates issues like psoriasis. Any wounds or irritation on your skin may also take longer to heal if you're a regular smoker. So if you have a smoking habit and want to beautify your skin, now would be a great time to quit the habit.