Trilipo Body Contouring in London, ON

Price List For Trilipo and DMA Body Sculpting

World's best non-invasive body contouring with health canada approved trilipo targeted fat & cellulite reduction skin tightening & firming muscle toning.

TriLipo is a great way to address stubborn fat & problem areas for maximum results & for long term overall health. The traditional fat Cavitation technique requires you to exercise immediately after treatment for optimal results & can leave you having nausea or diarrhea. The new Tri Lipo Body Contouring procedure utilizes tri-polar Radio Frequency & Dynamic Muscle Stimulation to remove the fat gently & effectively without the workout.

TriLipo technology's triple-action consists of RF deep volumetric heating combined with internal muscle contraction & external mechanical force, yielding maximum fat removal & lymphatic drainage. The RF energy produces heat through tissue resistance in both the dermal & subcutaneous layers. Selective & focused electro-heating of the skin stimulates & increases fat metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer & collagen remodeling in the dermal layer. The thermal effect quickens the normal fat metabolism process in the subcutaneous fat layer & releases liquid fat from the fat cells into the extracellular matrix.

By simultaneously applying internal & external pressure on the fat layer, the draining of the released liquid fat is accelerated. Internally, the muscle layer causes the muscle to contract, which is activated by TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) pulses. This contraction elevates the muscle and drives up the surface of the fat cells. Simultaneously, the applicator's mechanical friction presses the skin from above.

The combined internal & external pressure increases the removal of the liquid fat via accelerated lymphatic drainage. The RF & the forced drainage's simultaneous effect results in homogenous heating & accelerated blood & lymph circulation, optimizing tissue oxygenation & detoxification. Visit us for The Best Tri Lipo Body Contouring in London, Ontario.


  • HYDRATION: Optimal hydration is essential for overall health & wellbeing. At Revive Beauty Solutions, we recommend consuming at least 2 liters of water every day. However, our treatment doesn't require you to consume any additional amount of pre or post-treatment.
  • THE ROLE OF DIET & EXERCISE: To achieve optimal results & overall wellbeing a nutrient-dense & low sugar diet should be followed regularly. While TriLipo is a great tool to help contour your body through the emulsification of fat, it will not compensate for a healthy & active lifestyle.
  • POST TREATMENT: The release of energy into your body can also release any or all toxins stored in the fat, which will naturally filter out of your system following Tri Lipo body contouring treatment. Optimal hydration is required for the best results to aid the detoxification process, but no need to drink excessive amounts of water pre or post-treatment.

Our Services

Abdomen (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Love Handles (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Uppper Back (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Arm's Upper (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Arm's Inner (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $300.00, $500.00

Thigh (Front and Inner) (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Thigh Back (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Butt Lift (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

RF Nonivasive Face Lift

Full Face (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $550.00, $999.00

Face and Neck (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $700.00, $1100.00

Neck and Chin (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $400.00, $800.00

Forehead (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $300.00, $500.00

Eyes (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $300.00, $500.00

Hands (Per Session)

Buy 4, Buy 8 $300.00, $500.00

How TriLipo Body Contouring Works

TriLipo body contouring employs three technologies:

  • Radiofrequency (RF): RF energy heats the skin & underlying tissues, which helps to break down fat cells & stimulate collagen production.
  • Dynamic muscle activation (DMA): DMA contracts the muscles, which helps to improve muscle tone & tighten the skin.
  • Vacuum suction: Vacuum suction helps to draw the skin into the device, which allows the RF & DMA energies to penetrate deeper into the tissues.

TriLipo Body Contouring Benefits

Benefits of TriLipo body sculpting include:

  • Reduced fat
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Tighter muscles
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Smoother skin
  • More contoured body
Laser hair removal

What To Expect During A TriLipo Body Contouring Treatment

The technician cleanses the skin & applies a gel during a TriLipo body contouring procedure. The technician will next apply RF & DMA energies to the skin & tissues using the TriLipo device. The 30-minute TriLipo body contouring procedure is standard. Technicians hydrate skin after treatments.

Aftercare For TriLipo Body Contouring

After TriLipo body contouring, follow these aftercare tips:

How Frequently Should I Get TriLipo Body Contouring?

Individual objectives determine TriLipo body contouring treatment frequency. Most individuals should have weekly TriLipo body contouring treatments for 6-12 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

TriLipo body contouring employs radiofrequency (RF) radiation & dynamic muscle activation (DMA) to remove fat, increase skin elasticity, & tighten muscles non-invasively. Ontario beauty spas provide this popular therapy.

People with certain conditions should not undergo TriLipo body contouring:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Active skin infections
  • Metal implants in the treatment area
  • Pacemakers or other implanted medical devices
  • Cancer

Before undergoing TriLipo body contouring, see your doctor if you have any of these problems.

TriLipo body contouring is typically safe, although adverse effects may include:

  • Redness & Irritation
  • Skin dryness & peeling
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation

These dangers are infrequent & more probable in delicate skin or those who don't follow aftercare guidelines.

During your TriLipo body contouring consultation, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of TriLipo body contouring for my body type & concerns?
  • What are the risks & side effects of TriLipo body contouring?
  • How many treatments will I need?
  • How much will each treatment cost?
  • What is the aftercare for TriLipo body contouring?