What is Brazilian waxing?

What is Brazilian waxing?

We all love an open day at the beach while soaking up the sun, splashing in the waves, and building those castles with love. For women, it's also the chance to flaunt their bodies in a gorgeous bikini. But this means getting rid of unwanted hair from your body, down to the intimate parts.

Brazilian waxing is a waxing treatment that helps remove hair from the pubic region. As it treats a sensitive part of the body, you should ensure to get it done by a qualified professional and after due consultations.

This blog will discuss all Brazilian waxing, how long it lasts, and other details of the waxing treatment.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is an intimate form of waxing that removes hair from the patch just above the vagina. The amount of hair one wants to remove from pubic hair depends on the individual's personal choice. Most women prefer to get rid of all the hair from their vaginal area, while others prefer a more natural look.

But one thing is clear, Brazilian Waxing is the perfect hair removal method for women, which is mostly in demand right before the onset of summers when sunbathing on beaches becomes all the rage. This is primarily due to the fact that you can effectively remove hair from the front and back part of your genitals, making you confident with those sexy bikini outfits you just bought.

How is Brazilian Waxing Performed?

Brazilian waxing is performed by using a special kind of wax applied to the hair to be removed. The hair has shrink wrap, which is pulled off after it dries. This premium-grade wax is purposefully designed for sensitive skin and is perfect for Brazilian Waxing.

Here is the step-by-step process for Brazilian Waxing:

How Long Does Brazilian Waxing Last?

Like most other hair removal treatments, you'll have to undergo multiple sessions of Brazilian Waxing before achieving lasting results. After the first session, you can enjoy a hairless body for 4-6 months, depending on your hair growth rate.

It's also worth noting that seasons affect the rate of hair regrowth. Hair tends to grow faster during summer than they do in winter. So if you're planning to flash that bikini body during the summers, your hair growth rate will be quicker, meaning you'll have to take your second session in a shorter time period.

On average, hair regrowth tends to be minimal during the first 2-3 weeks of waxing, with a more prominent increase in the next few weeks.

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

As mentioned above, you'll need to visit your waxing professional after every 4-6 weeks to get rid of your regrown hair with Brazilian waxing. Here are the benefits of Brazilian waxing:

At Revive Beauty Solutions, our after-care is as good as our treatment. We ensure optimal pre and post-care of the treated area by using skincare products that reduce irritation.

How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing Brazilian?

The problem of ingrown hair after a Brazilian is real, and we find many women asking us this question after their waxing treatment.

Ingrown hair is created when dead skin cells are trapped in the hair follicles, preventing hair's outward growth. In order to prevent ingrown hair after a Brazilian waxing, you should exfoliate the area every day to cleanse the pores from dead skin accumulation.

There are also after-care measures that you can take, like avoiding excess physical activity, sex, or showering with hot water after getting a Brazilian waxing to prevent ingrown hair.

How to Heal Ripped Skin from Brazilian Waxing?

Some people have thinner Stratum Corneum, which is a layer of the skin in the pelvic region. In such cases, as the wax adheres to the skin, some living cells also bind themselves with it. This causes the whole upper layer of live tissues to be ripped off with the wax.

But fret not! You can easily heal using common products like an antibacterial cream or a topical barrier. Ensure exfoliation of the affected area with a cleanser before applying the cream.

Cooling the skin with ice or aloe vera is also recommended, as they'll soothe the ripped area and help you recover faster.

How Much Does Brazilian Waxing Cost?

We offer affordable and effective Brazilian waxing at $50 per session at Revive Beauty Solutions. On average, you can expect the price to be anywhere between $40-$80, depending on your service provider. You can contact salons in your local area to find out more pricing details.

Our customers are immensely happy with our Brazilian waxing services. After their preliminary experience, hundreds of recurring customers visit our spa to avail themselves of the treatment.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Brazilian Waxing may seem intimidating initially, but once you experience it, there's no going back to the razor.

As the leading spa in London, Ontario, we take the utmost care of our patients during Brazilian waxing to put them at ease. With our recommended aftercare products and routine, you'll be another name in the long list of admirers of our waxing treatments.