8 Essential Laser Hair Removal Tips

8 Essential Laser Hair Removal Tips

Unwanted hair can be a nuisance to deal with, especially when you have an event or an occasion to attend. Removing unwanted hair from your face and body gives it a smooth and shiny appearance allowing you to flaunt your skin without a flicker of worry.

Although waxing and shaving are common alternatives to removing unwanted hair from the body, laser hair removal treatment offers a long-term solution.

How does Laser Hair Removal Treatment work?

Laser hair removal has become the preferred choice for removing unwanted hair from the face and body by women. The reason is quite simple; it's thoroughly effective. The light energy from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the skin, which then transforms into heat energy and burns down the hair follicles. This causes a delay in hair growth and allows you to have a silky smooth appearance longer than waxing or shaving treatments.

If you want to remove excessive body hair from a laser treatment, read these tips below to prepare better for your sessions and keep your skin healthy and gorgeous before and after the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

You can undergo laser treatment at any beauty salon near you, but there are still certain precautions that you need to undertake for achieving maximum satisfaction with your treatment. These tips are:

Don't Wax before the Treatment

If you undergo waxing from time to time, it's essential that you stop doing it at least six weeks prior to getting laser hair removal treatment. The laser targets the root of your hair and burns down the follicles. As waxing removes the roots from the skin, it's important that you don't wax or pluck before the laser treatment.

However, it's advisable to shave the hair from the area where laser treatment would be subjected, as shaving doesn't remove the hair from its roots. Shaving 48 hours prior to your laser treatment is recommended as it reduces the chances of your hair getting burned from deep inside due to the laser focus.

Avoid Skin Tan and Sunburn

Before you undergo laser, stay out of the sun for at least two weeks prior to the treatment. Excessive sunburns or skin tans can cause pain and skin discoloration after the laser treatment, which is why many laser hair removal professionals ask you to reschedule if you have even minor sunburn.

If you have to venture out before the treatment, be sure to use sunscreens on the exposed areas where the laser will be focused.

Avoid Bleaching

As mentioned above, a laser targets the root of the hair to remove it from the skin. The human body hair contains pigments that absorb the light produced by the laser and convert it into heat energy for eliminating hair from deep within. This pigment in the hair is altered by the use of bleach, changing the color of the hair, which makes it more difficult to absorb the light from the laser.

Avoid bleaching your skin at least six weeks prior to the laser treatment, which gives enough time for the hair follicles to grow back in their natural color.

Be Wary of Medicines

Inform the laser treatment professionals about any medications that you're currently taking. Some medicines can adversely affect your treatment by reducing the efficacy of hair removal from the laser. It's best that you inform your laser treatment expert about any medication program that you may be under presently, including antibiotics and or pregnancy pills.

There can be more severe effects from medications, such as burns or blisters on people who have sensitive skin types. If you do undergo medications, your laser expert can guide you in creating a routine that doesn't interfere with your hair removal treatment. If you begin to take new medicines during the hair removal treatment, you should also inform the laser professional on how best to approach the treatment in sync with the drugs.

Avoid Beauty Products and Make-up

Beauty and make-up products like lotions, creams, and deodorants contain ingredients that can reduce the effectiveness of hair removal treatment. Beauty products contain ingredients that can cause irritation and burns when subjected to laser treatment.

Simply use water and soap or liquid gels to cleanse the area that's to be treated with a laser. In case of using any beauty or makeup remover on the treated area of your skin, ensure that you wash it off as well with water subsequently.

Undergo Several Sessions

Laser hair removal doesn't produce perfect results on the first session of the treatment. You may need to undergo several sessions of laser to destroy all the hair follicles, especially if you have a lighter skin tone.

Laser treatment works best on skin with darker tones, and even then, it may require several sessions to be effective. So get ready to undergo multiple sessions of laser hair removal treatment to get beautiful, smooth, and hair-free skin.

Ask About Post-Laser Treatment Effects

People with sensitive skin may feel certain conditions after their hair removal treatment. Potential side effects include skin irritation and swelling; you should consult with the laser professional or a dermatologist to learn more about post-treatment skincare of the treated areas.

Although these side effects are short-lived, it's best to consult with a medical professional to avoid undue skin problems that can be avoided.

Specialists of Laser Hair Removal Care

These tips can help you to prepare for your hair removal treatment without experiencing any side effects like skin irritation, burns, or swelling after the session. Consulting with your laser treatment specialist will also help you to get the maximum result on your laser hair removal therapy.

If you want to undertake laser treatment for beautiful, smooth, and clear skin, schedule an appointment with Revive Beauty Solutions and get a free consultation with one of our experts today. We're a beauty salon based in Ontario providing beauty and self-care solutions to help women embrace the goddess within.