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Enhanced your Spa skills and became a Beauty Guru !

If you're looking to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of spa and wellness, certification courses on face therapy, body therapy, and spa therapy are a fantastic option. These courses offer comprehensive training that covers various techniques and treatments to help you become a certified professional in the industry. Whether you're already working in a spa or planning to start your own business, these certifications can open up new opportunities for career advancement.

In the face therapy certification course, you will learn about different facial massage techniques, skincare products, and how to address specific skin concerns such as acne or aging. You'll also gain knowledge about facial anatomy and physiology, allowing you to better understand the underlying causes of certain skin conditions. With this certification, you'll be equipped with the skills needed to provide rejuvenating facials that leave your clients feeling refreshed and glowing.

From facial massages and lymphatic drainage to specialized treatments for acne-prone or aging skin, this course will equip you with the skills needed to provide effective and personalized care.

Career Opportunities

Possibilities are Endless !

Laser Hair Removal

Beauty Tharapiest

As a beauty therapist, you can explore a wide range of specializations within the field. Whether you prefer skincare treatments like facials and microdermabrasion or are more interested in nail care and manicures/pedicures, there is something for everyone.

Facial with Deep Cleansing

Spa Manager

If you have always had a passion for wellness and a desire to help others find inner peace, then a career as a spa manager might be your calling. With an increasing focus on self-care and holistic treatments, the demand for qualified spa managers is on the rise.


Spa Owner

Are you passionate about wellness and beauty? Do you dream of owning your own business in the spa industry? If so, then exploring career opportunities as a spa owner may be the perfect path for you.

Certificate Programs

Less Theory , More Hands On

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal - (38 Hours)

Laser hair removal has rapidly gained popularity as a safe and effective solution for those seeking permanent hair reduction.

Facial with Deep Cleansing

Basic Facial - (35 Hours)

The first step in a basic facial is cleansing. This removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the surface of your skin, allowing it to breathe freely.


Microdermabrasion - (30 Hours)

Microdermabrasion is a cutting-edge technique that has taken the skincare industry by storm.


Dermaplaning - (30 Hours)

Dermaplaning has taken the skincare world by storm, offering a revolutionary technique to achieve smooth and radiant skin.


Microneedling - (30 Hours)

Microneedling is a cutting-edge procedure that has gained popularity in recent years as an effective treatment for various skin concerns.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Bb Glow - (30 Hours)

Bb Glow is the revolutionary skincare treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm.

Body Waxing

Body Waxing - (38 Hours)

Body waxing involves applying warm or cold wax onto the desired area, allowing it to adhere to the hair follicles, and swiftly removing it in one quick motion.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing - (16 Hours)

Brazilian waxing has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, and for good reason.


Eyebrows Shaping - (20 Hours)

When it comes to defining our facial features, eyebrows play a significant role. They frame our eyes, enhance our expressions, and can even transform the overall appearance of our face.

Eyelash Lift And Tint

Eyelash Lift And Tint - (16 Hours)

The process begins with an eyelash lift that works wonders on even the shortest and straightest of lashes.