Dark Lip Neutralization: Can It Make Dark Lips Lighter

Dark Lip Neutralization: Can It Make Dark Lips Lighter

You may have at some point thirsted for the luscious, juicy lips of Angelina Jolie. But having dark lips may feel like a setback to some.

If so, there's a perfect solution available for you.

People often have dark lips due to smoking habits or past injuries. Although you can conceal those dark spots on your lips with lipstick, it's not a permanent solution.

You may have heard about lip blushing and its effectiveness in concealing dark lips. Now, let's dive deeper into the fabulous results of dark lip neutralization.

What is Dark Lip Neutralization?

Dark lip neutralization is a cosmetic procedure that neutralizes the dark color of your lips in favor of a desired color. A professional lip neutralization artist will balance the original color of your lips and then cover it with the desired shade.

Correcting lip color isn't easy and is best left to the professionals. You need a spa-like Revive Beauty Solutions, where our estheticians and Lip Blush artists are up to the challenge of subtly enhancing your lip color.

It should be noted here that individuals with high melanin content on their lips may find it challenging to neutralize their original color. Melanin-rich lips would require a higher degree of skill, more touch-ups, careful selection of pigments, and longer healing time.

What Causes Dark Lips?

Dark lips are mainly caused due to two factors. The first is genes, also described as ethnic lips in the cosmetic world. This is the first consideration when you're planning to opt for dark lip neutralization.

The original color of your skin and lips makes you attractive. At Revive Beauty Solutions, we can remedy any blemishes or defects that you want. If you truly think that dark lip neutralization is the right treatment for you, we can easily carry out the whole procedure.

The second cause of black lips can be smoking habits, past trauma, medicinal side-effects, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, or even excessive consumption of coffee.

If your lips have darkened due to any of the causes mentioned above, dark lip neutralization is undoubtedly beneficial for you.

Dark Lip Neutralization: The Procedure

Dark lip enlightenment may require 2-3 appointments at the least in order to achieve the desired result. Individuals with dark ethnic lips may need even more sessions to neutralize their original color. Touch-ups are also necessary after every 6-8 weeks, which is the recovery period for your lips.

At Revive Beauty Solutions, we use a needle to patch the dark spots on your lips. Our lip blush artists understand your skin type to formulate the ideal lip shade that'll look best and enhance your lip features.

Step 1.We take into account the unique tone of each individual.

step 2.Our experts start balancing dark lips and patching the dark areas. The whole procedure may take up to 2 hours. Multiple sessions may also be required.

step 3.The healing period lasts for 6-8 weeks. After this period, you get gorgeous, natural-looking lips.

Our estheticians will determine the number of sessions required to achieve an even tone depending on factors like melanin content, skin thickness, and your lifestyle.

Once the procedure is complete, you can enjoy a peachy and healthy complexion as if it's natural.

You can also achieve a blushed appearance; however, your dark lips must be neutralized first before applying color pigments. Once it's neutralized and healed, you can get the target color on your lips.

Choosing the Best Color to Neutralize Dark Lips

Unfortunately, choosing the most effective shade is not entirely in your hands. That's because not every shade will work best on your dark lips. An experienced and professional lip blush artist can recommend the most effective color for your lip type.

Standalone colors are mostly not chosen. Our lip blush artists create a custom mixture of pigments based on the natural hue of your lips. The final color of the mixture will depend on your natural hue, as some individuals have gray, purple, or brown hues on their lips. Depending on this analysis, we'll create a custom pigment that neutralizes your dark lips effectively.

Is Dark Lip Neutralization Effective for Everyone?

Certain individuals are unsuited for dark lip correction. For instance, if you have severe lip pigmentation, you won't see much change in your lip color even after the procedure.

This is why many lip-neutralization artists hesitate to work with clients with high melanin levels. Only the most skilled and experienced professionals can achieve dark lip neutralization on hyperpigmented lips.

However, we'd still advise caution, as working on hyperpigmented lips may only result in darker lips than before the treatment.

But you can rest easy, even if you have hyperpigmented lips because Revive Beauty Solutions has a seasoned team of estheticians who can easily make your dark lips glow.

How Long Does the Lip Blush Color Last?

Depending on your skin tone and how dark your lips were, the lip blush color would last between 2-5 years. Eventually, the original, darker shade will be restored, and you may have to neutralize your lips again.

We also offer touch-up sessions to help you maintain fruity lips for a long time.

No More Dark Lips!

Getting rid of dark lips is challenging. Dark lip neutralization should only be carried out by a professional with proper training, extensive experience, and knowledge of color theory.

At Revive Beauty Solutions, our experts are well-versed in color theory and can apply the same when treating your dark lips with the right shade. Get rid of dark pigmentations on your lips with Revive Beauty Solutions.

Consult us for dark lip neutralization and say goodbye to black lips.