How to do Smokey Eyeliner

Ever dreamt of having those smokey, saucy eyes that Avril Lavigne has? Don't worry; we've all been there.

From Avril Lavigne to Lady Gaga, many celebs have embraced the magic of smoky eyeliners. This is your chance to have that magnetic gaze of a smoky eyeliner… at home!

How good your eyeliner looks depends on how virtuoso you are in applying it. But after lots of practice and hard work, smoky eyeliners don't come out how you want them to. Why?

The answer may lie in hidden tips that you didn't know previously. We say previously because you're just about to.

In this blog, we'll guide you on the journey to create envious smokey eyeliners that'll soon become a part of your daily makeup routine.

What are Smoky Eyeliners?

Smokey eyeliners are just what the name suggests. It's a style of makeup that gives the appearance of smoke from a fire. The effect is heavy and dark at the base and gradually diffuses at the top. In short, smokey eyeliner is an eye makeup with a gradient effect.

But where smokey eyeliners differ from other lining styles is their preciseness in creating this gradient effect. And that's also precisely why it's difficult to master for a beginner.

How to do Smokey Eyeliner?

So you've just planned a night out but don't have the time to hit a salon for the smoke show?

Don't worry; you can still achieve the ultimate smoldering look of smokey eyeliners at home. But first things first, you need a few things to get started. Most of these are basic makeup essentials that you may already have in your makeup kit.

The first thing you need is a concealer. We recommend one that lasts long with full coverage to smoothen your eyelids. Next, you need an eyeshadow and smokey gel eyeliner for the color of your choice. Both work just fine, but you'd need a smudgeable pencil gel if you're going with the eyeliner. You can go for pressed powders if you prefer an eyeshadow. Now if you doubt your accuracy in creating the line, buy a scotch tape (we'll explain why later).

The shade you choose will largely influence the final look, and it doesn't have to be black always. You can even go for coordinating shades with eyeshadow palettes to create the best smokey eye effect. Lastly, you need pointed brushes for preciseness and mascara to top it off.

So now that you have everything you need let's begin with the steps to create envious smokey eyeliners.

  1. The Initial Preps We start with applying basic makeup to prime the eye area. Take this one seriously because this is the foundation on which the whole structure depends.
  2. Line Eyes Now to start lining up your pretty eyes. If you're doing this for the first time, we recommend bringing that scotch tape into action (this is where we explain). You can place the tape on the area where you want your eyeliner to be. Make sure that the placement is the same on both eyes.
  3. Start Blending Take a bit of eyeshadow and start blending over the area where you'll apply the eyeliner. Also, cover the halfway area above the lid.
  4. Apply the Gel Liner The most crucial step of all. Start applying your gel liner close to your lashes. You'll need a deft hand at this while dragging the line to create a wing. Keep the line thin; you can always add to it later on.
  5. Even out the Lines Smokey eyeliners can get messy, so clean out any errors that you've made along the way with the concealer.
  6. Apply Mascara If you're using the tape, take it off and cap off your look with mascara. Apply it on the top and lower lash line to create fuller lashes. Wiggle the mascara from the root to the top to coat each lash perfectly.
  7. Flaunt It You're all set with those gorgeous smokey eyes and ready to take on the night.

Tips to Remember

Doing it for the first time can easily lead to mistakes. Keep in mind these pro tips for that perfectly sultry look:

Tip 1. You must keep the concealer close at hand. It'll help clear any mess you've created along the way.

Tip 2. Unless you're going for darker shades, we advise you to apply lighter shades on the inner corners of your eyes. Darker shades close to the inner corners may close off your eyes a bit, making them appear smaller.

Tip 3. If you notice that things are getting messier during blending, then start blending inwards with a back-and-forth motion.

Enchant Every Beholder with Smokey Eyeliners at Revive Beauty Solutions

Revive Beauty Solutions is a premium spa in London Ontario. We offer a range of skincare and beauty treatments to women to bring out the best version of themselves. We also add a magnetic depth to your gaze with subtle smokey eyeliners. Our smokey eyeliners come in a variety of colors.

Our advanced smokey eyeliner process is simple. Once we understand your skin type and color requirements, we apply pigments between your lashes and the lash line. This gives a fuller appearance. We then adjust the thickness to complete the stunning, smokey look.

You can refresh the color of your eyelids at any time with our touch-up services, which we offer 6-10 weeks after the treatment. You can choose between gold, silver, deep blue, or gold and black colors for a smokey eye effect at Revive Beauty Solutions.

Final Verdict

That's all for creating the perfect smokey eyeliners at home. Make the most of our step-by-step guide and the pro tips for creating mesmerizing smokey eyes. Remember that smokey eyeliner also needs a bit of practice, just like any other permanent makeup. It's okay if you're not getting it right the first time.

If you want perfection, trust the experts at Revive Beauty Solutions. We can create that smoke effect on your eyes so that you go out with a fire that cannot be doused.

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