Best Powder Brows in London, ON

Powder Brows


Powder Brows in London

Are you looking for soft powdered brows that give you a natural, aesthetically-defined beauty?

Powder brows are a shading technique for the eyebrow, giving a natural, pixelated effect. Powder brows are carried out by a machine using shading and dots to achieve the desired outcome. The process includes the thickening of areas with colors that vary in transparency. You can either choose softer, plush colors or go for raw, darker tones.

Powder brows are a semi-permanent technique for filling eyebrows. As opposed to microblading, which involves drawing thin strokes to cover the light patches, powder brows include dots of pigment which seep into the skin to give a lighter and softer look without any rough edges. Moreover, powder brows can help you gain thick and well-defined brows without having to fill them on a daily basis, as is the case with microblading.

Revive Beauty Solutions is a beauty and skincare salon in Canada that provides powder brows beautification at realistic prices. Our powder brows expertise can help you gain lustrous, full eyebrows with extra definition. We are the leading experts in beauty solutions in London, Ontario, with thousands of satisfied customers who've benefited from our spa services.

For those of you who are privy to the microblading procedure, powder brows are somewhat similar. Just like microblading, powder brows application takes a couple of hours for numbing your brows, followed by the actual treatment.

But, the biggest advantage with powder brows is that it causes much less pain than microblading, principally due to the use of ultra-fine tattoo pens, which are used in the technique.

The Benefits of Powder Brows

  • Long-Lasting: Powder brows are a semi-permanent technique that lasts for a long duration, typically up to 2 years.
  • Naturally Defined Brows: The technique completely recovers the original brow shape giving it a soft and natural look.
  • Safe-to-use: Powder brows are a completely safe technique and are much less painful than the microblading process.
  • Instant Effect: Powder brows don't require any downtime after the process is complete.

Revive Beauty Solutions is your trusted name in London, Ontario, for beauty and spa services. We are committed to offering the very best skincare and spa services to each one of our customers.

Our beauty experts have years of experience in providing beauty therapies to women, making them feel beautiful and confident in every walk of life. Our results have delighted countless ladies, turning them into our regular patrons.

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